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Distribution & Staking Services

Distribution design and staking

Nearly all of our company’s knowledge and experience is dedicated to helping our clients and partners deliver electricity to their end users. Distribution is a specialized process, and we excel at it.

  • Automated staking
    RPC has utilized Stake-out and Partner with some of our clients, and we are open to using any of our clients automated staking programs.
  • Data collection and inventory
    We are experienced in data collection for a variety of applications involving distribution system maps, pole equipment inventory, line patrol, phasing verification, visual inspection and tree clearing.
  • Right-of-Way Negotiation
    • Complete acquisition for all electric and fiber optic, overhead and underground installations.
    • Accurate ownership compilation, deed histories, and records research.
    • Highly experienced with Federal agency processes, including BLM, Forest Service, and the BIA.
    • Highly experienced with Sovereign Nation processes, including the Southern Ute Tribe and the Navajo Nation.
    • High rate of acquisition with a low probability for the need of using the condemnation process.
    • Experienced in completing permitting requirements at both the County and State level.
    • Oversight of any and all environmental requirements, set forth by our customer or the government.
  • GIS / GPS
    RPC utilizes survey grade GPS for distribution design and positioning. We also use mapping grade GPS for inventory collection utilizing project specific dictionaries. We are able to export the data into a variety of applications, CAD or GIS depending on the client’s needs.
  • Work order inspection
    We have experienced linemen conducting work order inspection. We currently complete all 219 inspections for Empire Electric and LaPlata Electric Association. We also complete work order inspection for all of United Power’s construction projects.
  • Construction observation
    RPC currently completes daily construction observation for several of our clients with experienced linemen.
  • Construction contracts and closeouts
    We can do every step of the process for you. RPC has extensive experience with both 792 and 830 RUS contracts. We will run the pre-bid meetings, bid openings and pre-construction meetings. We can provide final billing and closeout processes as well.
  • System work plans

  • Turnkey, design, project management
    RPC is currently managing a several million dollar turnkey distribution project that will be ongoing for several years. We are acquiring row, overseeing the environmental process, surveys, design/staking, distribution contract, material ordering, construction management, billing and closeouts.